Welcome to Amori Med Lounge, your premier destination for aesthetic enhancements and rejuvenation. We are thrilled to offer you a personalized experience that combines the artistry of aesthetics with the expertise of a skilled nurse injector.


 Driven by her love for art and human anatomy, she has developed a unique approach that combines her expertise with her passion for aesthetics. With an unwavering focus on patient advocacy and safety, Myra has honed her skills in delivering subtle enhancements that complement each patient's natural features.

A trusted authority in the world of cosmetic treatments and skincare, Myra has built a strong following on her social media platforms by providing honest and insightful feedback to her followers. Myra has created a brand that is renowned for its exceptional service, attention to detail, and lasting results.



   is a highly accomplished BSN graduate with a rich background in the medical field, which she brings to her  renowned Aesthetic Med Lounge.

Her vast experience in aesthetic medicine has led her to create a med spa that embodies her commitment to creating a space where patients feel a sense of comfort, community, and beauty both internally and externally. 

Myra McDonald

 Unlock your beauty potential here at Amori med lounge